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Commencing in 1984, ASP has forged many long standing supply relationships in partnership with substantial fishing companies from around the world.

Our product range in most instances offers you the advantage of being processed and cryogenically frozen in 20 minutes from fresh raw material with most product individually vacuum packed in convenient 5kg outer carton.

A number of products also have the benefit of being packed and frozen on board allowing you to serve only the freshest product to your customers Once only frozen.

Reef Fish

Our product offer includes an extensive range of wild caught reef fish comprising:


Coral Trout

King Snapper




Tropical Snapper

White Snapper

Mixed Reef Fillets

Skin On Goldband

Skin On Red Emperor (Genuine Sebae)

Skin On Red Snapper


Squids, octopus, cuttlefish, slipper tail lobsters, a range of specialised portions include tuna, swordfish, Spanish mackerel, mahi mahi and reef fish.

Smoked Fish

ASP also offer smoked cod fillets, smoked kippers whole & fillets, smoked mackerel, smoked haddock.

Slice Products

We also offer a premium range of sliced Octopus, Cuttlefish, Squid - all sushi grade.

Quality Endorsement

The company participates in the major chain stores, quality assurance programmes and carries HACCP endorsement all subject to external independent annual audit.



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